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Hello all,

We will post 5 to 6 PMG chapter daily, which will add up to 40 per week. We don’t have a fixed upload time so please be patient if they come later in the day.

It’s always possible that something might happen like my internet connection dies for a day, in that case the chapter will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Some things to be aware of:

  • We won’t be changing the number of chapters posted/day.
  • Bonus chapters will not be given for PMG due to our already insane translating speed, so please don’t argue with our staff for them.
  • If you’re looking for a fixed upload time we might recommend checking in a day later and reading the 5-6 chapters from the day prior.

Kind regards,



  1. eliteweirdo   â€¢  

    Ok can’t be changed I guess, but I kind of saw that coming given that the latest chapter releases tended to be quite close to the “deadline” anyway, resulting in frequent site crashes. Maybe that solution fixes that.
    Any info what happened to the post notification feature? Since the site got “reset” you can neither resubscribe on the page nor in the profile itself…Any plans to get it back working?

    Thanks for your hard work!

    • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

      not yet i will see what i can do about it though no idea how to even do it…

      • eliteweirdo   â€¢  

        Hey Aladanor, thanks for your reply!
        I guess with restoring the site back to a previous backup the settings in the Jetpack plugin in WordPress were reset or disabled. Hope that helps 🙂


  2. Asa   â€¢  

    Tnx for info !!
    if it does not bother, may i know your time zone?

    • Lijoy   â€¢  

      Same here! I always try to figure out which time the posts are coming.

      • No One   â€¢  

        in gmt+7 it 10 p.m., just match it with your time

  3. Daniel   â€¢  


  4. Drimiter   â€¢  

    Thanks for the update.
    Continue with your good job.

  5. DickyPoppins   â€¢  

    Refresh cosmic energies will return with a vengeance lol. The server will feel the commitment.

  6. David   â€¢  

    Well this sucks but at least you are going to continue posting them daily

  7. Icecream   â€¢  

    That’s why you should reactivate the email notifications. Or is there another motive?

    • Jojo   â€¢  

      Yeah, I really need that email notification :/

    • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

      i never disabled it and i have no idea how actiavte it and i doubt i have permission to do so


        Aldanor, I know that you blocked me from patreon and that’s sad. If you would have message me about it, things would have been different . It’s not like I was against anything you do. If you had message me and told me that you didn’t like it, I would have stop but you didn’t so I thought it was ok to disturb others. I was jus trolling those guys . Anyway you removed me after you deducted my patreon pledge, that was clearly very bad of you. Anyway thank you for everything. I will just continue reading them for free.

        • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

          not the case i neither banned or dealt with any pledges its very likely that notsane herself did it and in every way you should always be polite and don’t troll to much at least make it in a fun way so no one will be harmed and i think i heven’t even read your comments not sure 🙂

  8. Kamui7   â€¢  

    Thank you .. for your work, it’s very good. What would we do without you?

  9. dcs899   â€¢  

    Here’s what i’m going to do…i will pretend that tomorrow there will be no chapter..than after tomorrow i will open the site and read the chapters at the same time i’m used to read…xD

    • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

      thats the spirit maybe you have double the amount at that time 😮
      (could actually really happen)

      • kid   â€¢  

        I guess it’s the best way to deal with website crash.
        The positive way to have fun reading this novel is just living our daily life irl and read the novel on holiday.
        Anyway, thx for all the hard work and all of your dedication. We (I personally) appreciated it so much. Hontoni arigatou

        • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

          appreciated 🙂

      • Lucifer   â€¢  

        I hoped for it to happen. I was too naive.
        (P.S. : It never happened)

  10. david   â€¢  

    it’ll be good to know your timezone. also, perhaps after some time, you’ll figure out when the server is most ‘relaxed’ (not so many people accessing the site just to check if there’s a new post, maybe midnight for the majority of readers) and just post at that time. random update time will only increase the server load but a consistent & well timed release will at least keep that spike in the load to only a small period of time.

    ps. I’m not sure if using the RSS feed is lighter on the server. if it is, perhaps suggest people to use that rather than refreshing their browser all the time.

    • Xaran   â€¢  

      If i remember correctly Aladanor is living on the moon

    • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

      the peak is the problem and the server
      i have no clue why the database is failing and i also have no permission to view the server files and stuff and also installing rss feed… i know how it works but i could only give it further up in the hierachy ^^ and tbh i just hope the new website that was planned is coming soon

  11. Alex   â€¢  

    Thanks for the update. Not an issue for me, i can wait.

  12. Dmorgs   â€¢  

    Man at this I don’t really what time you post them at just as long as you post. I mean it’s nice to have a set time but I can’t take the website crashing or saying the chapter isn’t available because the load on the server is too high. Just do you and keep posting them chapters.

  13. kishan sikder   â€¢  

    Ok…do it

  14. That1Guy   â€¢  

    Sounds good boss! This doesn’t really affect me too much anyway. After catching up, I normally wait awhile before I start reading this again. I think I’m around 1850ish? Anyways, I’m just hoping You You comes back! If not, boo-shi boo-shi!!!

    • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

      she will!

    • Team You You   â€¢  

      I was you for a very, very long time. Vindication shall come!

  15. mante   â€¢  

    thx for your hardwork..
    anytime is fine for me, as long as you not dropped this novel..
    keep the goodwork, we the reader its always be with you..

  16. icecream   â€¢  

    Ok, guys a little Trivia question. Who remembers this name? “Nie Xiao Qian”
    Testing your memories 😉

    • meng qing   â€¢  

      author of the manga made a big mistake tsk tsk

    • iqqy chan   â€¢  

      Were you reading the manga 😁

    • Duan Feng   â€¢  

      I didn’t ever remember that name yet, after I read the latest update of manga.

  17. R1ck   â€¢  

    Well… Now that timestamp for releases is erratic…

    ..any plans to increase number of chapters releases on a single day? 🙄😏

  18. Khjjune06   â€¢  

    Please save me, i can’t stand the anticipation anymore. Please give Lin Feng back to me.

  19. DNangel   â€¢  

    I already saw this coming considering Aladanor is always late in posting previously. He has a problem sticking to his commitment in posting the chapters on time. Now he announced to post it randomly just to get rid himself of the deadline. This guy is just plain lazy!


  20. Fallen   â€¢  

    Each day the release time is later and later, sigh.

    • DNangel   â€¢  

      Well what can we expect?

  21. Old guy   â€¢  

    We, at least I, do not pay for this so I am grateful that someone has taken time out of their life to provide a FREE service. How about the next time you hand a beggar a dollar have him yell at you for not giving it to him sooner. What you all are doing is similar. Stop being ungrateful. Learn how to appreciate things GIVEN to you.

    • jeroenie   â€¢  

      how is it similar? have you given the beggar a dollar everyday at the same time, im pretty sure he wont like having it later. he can’t plan his day that way.

  22. jeroenie   â€¢  

    “sometimes early sometimes later”
    can you specify the meaning of the different -sometimes-? i feel like they dont quite have the same meaning, it feels like a 5% early and 50% later. how can something ocuring 5% of the time and 50% of the time both be called -sometimes-?

    • xmetal   â€¢  

      if u can’t wait for the free release.. buy your way for it.. just be thankful for the free stuff bro..

    • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

      i don’t understand felt facts and also your math is off by 45% and yes it can because objectivly its 40 “early” 60 “later” but thats also relative because what is late what is early? It will be at some point online in the day and at some point it will still be early in the day because we have a round earth 🙂

      • Jeroenie   â€¢  

        i see early as before 3pm and late as after 4pm

        • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

          thats a wide timeframe if you don’t give a timezone it could mean that its from one day to the other (if we take the widest timeframe and change timezones)

        • Lucifer   â€¢  

          I get them after 10 pm.
          Do you see me complaining?

  23. Santiago   â€¢  

    Take your time uploading chapters man. I can understand the wait kills a lot of people, but we can’t force him to alter his life and schedule right? If your so eager, skip a day, and read the chapters a day later, that way, you’ll always get chapters to read, no matter what the release time is!

  24. Jere   â€¢  

    As I haven’t paid anything for these chapters I’m not complaining. I rather enjoy this speed of 40 chapters per week. As for the release times. Most days I won’t get time to read the chapters untill evening around 8 or 9 GMT. And the chapters are almost always released by that time. Keep up the good work guys.

  25. SoPoor   â€¢  

    Free drugs is free drugs. Stop complaining when to get your free service… Support on patreon if you want all 40-150 chapters ahead of time.

  26. Cmj2303   â€¢  

    I just want to say thank you for providing the chapters. As for your release schedule I appreciate you releasing it at anytime during the day. I mostly drive to work and by the time I log into my computer the chapters are released. No other novel that I personally know of has a similar release schedule or frequency so ignore the haters and keep up the good work.

  27. Shin   â€¢  

    Even patreon is delayed. Lol

  28. Aiz   â€¢  

    Just say that you’re gonna post really late so we don’t get our hopes up :D. I know you’re gonna try to delete this like you always did in the past. MonkaS

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