Slight blunder on site

Hey all πŸ˜€


As some of you might have noticed, the person in charge of porting content onto our new test server to check for bugs made a slight mistake and deleted the website. I restored the website to the 16th… and deleted the backups our web admin had saved on the server. I am really enjoying my day off xDDD


So everything should be back to normal shortly and posting will continue as normal.


P.s If you are trying to catch up on chapters.Β*chapter number here*


  1. Voneleventh   β€’  

    Thank you. Happy vacation sir

  2. Ackno   β€’  

    Thanks for the update! Was wondering what was going on lol

  3. David   β€’  

    LMAO you are killing me smalls!

  4. na   β€’  

    use digitalocean for testing

  5. Oliberto   β€’  

    I’m a web developer, I can help you if you need staff.

  6. Kenneth White   β€’  

    What a relief to know things will be back up and running shorting…. Enjoy your vacation and thanks ahead of time for your hard work and effort.

  7. paja   β€’  

    Where. Can I find and read the latest chapter?

  8. N0n2   β€’  

    Good luck on the new server and chapter uploads.

  9. Colby Schiller   β€’  

    Wicked I thought I was going nuts and lost ten days somewhere

  10. iBruh   β€’  

    What is the chapter in 25th please can anyone answer mee

  11. Khun   β€’  

    Thanks for the info. I stayed late last night searching for other site translating this, but ofcourse this is the main and only. If something happen the others site can’t update either..

    • Giongi   β€’  

      Go on Discord!

  12. kobe   β€’  

    still waiting for the new chapter to come out πŸ™

  13. Lin Wu Shang   β€’  

    I’m going through withdrawals.
    Need Lin Feng Badassery

  14. jack   β€’  

    cmiiw … looks like the site is missing for 2 days chapters.
    2171-2176 and

  15. Mark   β€’  

    when can u fix it ? im so excited at CH 2172 up πŸ˜€

    God Bless, im so very happy if u can fix it asap !

    take ur time to fix it πŸ˜€ wish u goodluck πŸ™‚

  16. Chaotic King Emperor   β€’  

    Thank god though and glad to know that you will be running shortly. I was worried as the site was not working and Avada homepage kept popping up. Enjoy your vacation and have a great day while I calmly wait for the next chapters.

  17. Chong   β€’  

    2172 pls

  18. Chong   β€’  

    2172 pls tnx

  19. iqqy chan   β€’  

    Hope everything will be up and running. Can’t wait for the latest released. Enjoy your off day Sir. Cheers.

  20. Anonymous   β€’  

    And here I was wondering whether it’s another prank πŸ˜›

  21. Final Sovereign   β€’  

    chapters for september 26 isn’t released yet right?

  22. DjokoKunYT   β€’  

    Have a good day sir!
    I really love this website
    I hope this website will be like this forever
    I hope PMG still have long story to go~

  23. Alex   β€’  

    LOL ok… guess i should just take a breather on LF’s adventures

  24. sionitto   β€’  

    i though it was prank ~.~
    happy holiday ~

  25. Khun   β€’  

    i startled and looked deathly pale after i found out that i cant access on this site. But i stay calm and compose that any worldly affair cant affect me, my frustration intent made me desperately tried to search other site translating this novel even if i know totalinsanetranslation was the only site translated this novel and others cant update either before this. Luckily you give some update info and i feel relieved.

  26. rekt_em   β€’  

    what a point in the story to have an issue tho

  27. Duan Feng   β€’  

    It’s not working for me πŸ™

  28. Rajid   β€’  

    I cant see the laTest chpter fckkkk
    How to see latest update plss

  29. lelouch_000   β€’  

    Hey, I clicked on the chapter number 2120 and clicked next chapter. Instead of actual chapter 2121, chapter 2221(as of now unreleased) is displayed. Please rectify the hyperlink mistakes.

    • lelouch_000   β€’  

      There are 10 unreleased chapters hiding under the guise of chapters 2121-2130. Please rectify NotSane, Aladanor

      • Giongi   β€’  

        Go on Discord, there you might find Aladanor. And also the chapters 2172-2177

  30. Giattisak   β€’  

    What about yesterday chapter?

  31. Robert   β€’  

    Good to know, thanks for the update. Had me worried for a while there πŸ˜› phew.

  32. VSVR   β€’  

    Any idea about when the chapters will be released from 26th date ones ?

    • Giongi   β€’  

      Go on Discord, there you find the chapters 2172-2177

  33. James   β€’  

    The links are wrong it skipped 100 some chapters.

  34. Cocoy   β€’  

    We cannot understand fully what a powerfull spell, we hope linfeng will help us break the puzzle so that we can go inside the aladanor small world. And breakthrough/read the chapters 2172 and so forth… :0 πŸ™‚ at our level we cannot use or understand that special spell…

  35. John   β€’  

    Ahhh baka! So that’s what happened xD

  36. You You   β€’  

    long story short, they fail to upgrade the website
    deleted the failed upgrade
    unfortunately, it also deleted the current website
    so they had to rollback to the latest backup
    which is not the latest one

  37. UltraMan   β€’  

    Where chapter 2139?

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