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Hey all,

There will be no sponsored this weekend, the sponsored for this week will be released next weekend.

We will also be stopping sponsored chapters. So tomorrow we will be removing the sponsor button and stopping sponsored chapters.

We are already bordering on our limit of chapters each week and we need to store some chapters in case of sickness or emergencies.


Just to let y’all know πŸ˜€


  1. Jah UniT   β€’  

    thank you for the update!

    • Hello world!   β€’  

      There are spoilers on these comments down below. Read with caseous. Typed here so that people will see.

      • Giongi   β€’  

        Thanks mate!

  2. Zane Smith   β€’  

    Are you dropping or just slowing down in case of sickness

    • notsaneinthebrain   β€’     Author

      Just stopping the sponsored chapters on Saturdays, so we can save some chapters. Will not be slowing down the weekly releases.

      • Great Ape Emperor   β€’  

        It’ll be just on Saturdays right?

        • Great Ape Emperor   β€’  

          I found the answer below.. πŸ˜‰

  3. Leanardo   β€’  

    Thanks for telling us

  4. xoxo   β€’  

    Is it possible to reduce the number of chapters from other days and place it on Sundays? Just reallocate the 40 chapters and include Sundays. hahaha

    • CuriousLittleMushroom   β€’  

      Great idea…is it possible? I am all for it!

  5. Byakuya   β€’  

    Hope the authors have a good health so i can continue reading

  6. Junior   β€’  

    So should we only expect new chaps from Monday to Friday?

    • lomthep   β€’  

      6days by week

    • femmmp   β€’  

      Sun – 5 Chapters
      Mon to Fri – 7 Chapters

      • Junior   β€’  

        Ok. I c. Thanks for the reply!

      • Great Ape Emperor   β€’  

        Nice.. Thanks for the info πŸ™‚

        • Henri   β€’  

          Yuan fei’s grand father, bow..

  7. PMGaddict   β€’  

    Since there won’t be any sponsored chapters after next Saturday, can the 40 chapters per week be spread out to 7 days instead of 6.
    Just so that we have something to read on Saturday as well.

    • OddManOut   β€’  

      Yes, I see no issues with that

      • Shazz   β€’  

        OR you guys could I mean increase the chaps by 2 to 42 per week and have 6 chaps permanent for 7 days a week I mean the $5k+ ahead of the goal should justify that, am I right?

        • Spicy   β€’  

          It’s not that they cant but that the translator can only do this much a week at his max capability.

    • Junior   β€’  

      But then the daily dosage would be cut down wouldn’t it? I can’t handle the cliffhanger abstruse energies that I may face due to that lol but then again…

    • Skoda   β€’  

      It would be better if 6chaps Mon to fri and 5 chaps sat and sun ie if you are keeping the release no of chaps 40.
      Thanks for the hardwork guyz.??

      • OddManOut   β€’  

        Just finished scheduling them: 5/5/6/6/6/6/6

        • Junior   β€’  


        • KoruSensei   β€’  

          I was actually preferential to the current Sunday through Friday setup with a break on Saturdays

          • CuriousLittleMushroom   β€’  

            Koru sensei go to sleep please, if a horribly masive cliffhanger comes on friday night how in the world will we be able to handdle untill sunday? Sure we could try to read machine translations but those are horrible and half of the time i don’t even get the story…

        • Great Ape Emperor   β€’  

          I concur πŸ™‚

        • xoxo   β€’  

          great! i spent all my mark in the shrine for this ti happen lols

  8. Kishan sikder   β€’  

    So today we don’t get anything….
    Is that right??

    • OddManOut   β€’  

      Somebody should write a Lin-Feng side-story to keep you all entertained today!

      • Dude   β€’  

        Side Story – Lin Feng’s New Level of Understanding

        A handsome young man was sitting at a table alone in a dumpling restaurant in the edge of Tiantai. A waitress brought him his order of 6 xiao long bao (Chinese soup dumplings).

        “Thank you,” said the young man. The waitress stayed silent and just stared at the sword on his back. She quickly walked away without saying anything.

        The young man picked up his chopsticks, and all the energies of the Earth and the Sky flowed through him as he grabbed a dumpling. That young man, of course, was Lin Feng.

        As Lin Feng put the dumpling in his mouth, he closed his eyes. He opened his celestial book spirit and took out the Tian Xuan stone while opening his third eye in order to fully study the most mysterious intent he has come across – dumpling intent. Other people in the restaurant couldn’t help stare in fear at the strong cultivator who was attempting to do what no one had done before.

        Those who were weak felt like they were going to suffocate under the pressure of Lin Feng’s chi and had to walk out of the restaurant, while those at the top of the Tian layer and higher stayed seated. They all thought one thing: who was this young man? Where did he come from? Of course they would have recognized his name, but no one there knew his face.

        Lin Feng felt as if his blood was boiling. His teeth released lightning abstruse energies and crashed into the dumpling skin, but the skin would not budge.

        “Break!” Lin Feng shouted as he added wind and fire energies. He was able to slice through the skin and the soup containing ancient dumpling energies began to flow into his mouth. The soup seemed to have a life of its own and began to attack Lin Feng’s godly awareness. He quickly turned his godly awareness into a bell to protect himself from the dumpling soup. Lin Feng felt like his arms were going to break under the pressure and spat out some blood.

        “Seal!” shouted Lin Feng as he used empty space abstruse energy and created an illusion around the ancient dumpling soup. He took out all of his demon seal stones and punched the dumpling soup with them. The ancient soup dumpling released its own abstruse dumpling energies and tried to break free from the seal stones and illusion, but Lin Feng quickly released his godly awareness palace and threw it onto the dumpling’s attack.

        The soup dumpling felt oppressed and could not move underneath all the pressure. It could only watch as Lin Feng released his nine fangs celestial dragon spirit. The dragon roared and the earth and sky shook underneath its pressure. Dragon chi soared to the skies as all nine heads of the dragon plunged towards the dumpling soup and ate the ancient soup energy that was contained within it.

        “Ahhh!” Is the sound the soup would have made if it could speak. It had no strength left to fight back; it was missing its body and could not have used even a third of its full strength. The soup just watched as the nine headed dragon finished devouring it and one of the heads finally turned into… An Ancient Soup Dumpling.

        Lin Feng was surprised. This is the first time one of his dragon’s heads was able to turn into a type of energy, and a mysterious ancient energy at that. When Lin Feng released his dumpling energies, he realized that he had achieved level seven dumpling intent! Very soon he would be able to understand abstruse dumpling energy, and when he could do that, he would make Tian Long Divine Castle pay for their insolence.

        Lin Feng walked out of the restaurant, holding his Tian Chi sword on his back. He had finished what he set out to do today, and conquered the Ancient Soup Dumpling Energies!

        • Thomas   β€’  

          Faaaake. he didnt order pickles. idk whats up with chinks and pickles but holy shit do they need to mention it everytime they enter a tavern

          • icecream   β€’  

            Never use the word “chink” again mate. Racist comments shouldn’t be allowed in our community!

        • godslayer   β€’  

          Best thing i saw today. Good job man!!!!!!!
          Now i want side stories daily

        • OddManOut   β€’  

          Thank you for distracting the masses

        • Alias   β€’  

          You are the man of the day. Thank you. I got my daily dosage.

          Oddmanout and notsane. Thank you for all. You deserve a little vacation. please split the chapters to 7 days.

        • xWeisman   β€’  

          Since it was a side story, you should of made the dumpling beat Lin Feng’s ass up, would of been hilarious (Depending on how its done) but anyways, you have a great, creative mind for making a S.Story like that, good going πŸ™‚

        • TEDTHEGREAT   β€’  

          Nice effort πŸ™‚

        • Kishan sikder   β€’  


        • Kesface   β€’  

          thanks man xD

  9. KenZ   β€’  

    thank you for the update.

  10. Ketum   β€’  

    Thanks for everything …i looking forward next chapter..have a goodday

  11. Sovngard V   β€’  

    chapter for today?

  12. Qiong Qi   β€’  

    Hmm.. It seems Fu Hei wont need my teaching after all

    So.. Anyone interested to be my 381st disciple?

    • joie   β€’  

      Master, no.. Teacher!

  13. Sovngard V   β€’  

    No chapter for today..so sad T.T

  14. 25th Baam Jahad   β€’  

    Will Lin Feng accept me as a disciple?

    • William Diaz   β€’  

      you are already a little god yourself XD

  15. godslayer   β€’  

    Best thing i saw today. Good job man!!!!!!!
    Now i want side stories daily

  16. Spade   β€’  

    How sad… I just red this message and I was expecting a sponsored chapters… hahaha.. oh well… shit happens

  17. Sleepy   β€’  

    So chapters more spread out instead of sponsor chapters?
    Ty for hard work

  18. DEMONKINGASURA   β€’  

    Does anyone know the names of all of Lin Feng’s wives
    I mean I know about meng qing,duan xin ye(since when did she enter the tian qi layer), liu fei(though Im surprised she wasnt the first to marry him nor when it will officially happen),tang youyou(what’s taking so long for lin feng to find her)and que yue xin(does her other personality belong to that great empress that lin feng saw in the jade emperor’s palace)

    • Junior   β€’  

      I think when talking about his wives, we should stick to the ones that are officially his wives like Meng Qing and Duan Xin Ye

      • DEMONKINGASURA   β€’  

        Are you saying that tang youyou and que yue xin are officially his wives or that they just have not been married yet

        • William Diaz   β€’  

          liu fie, you you and yue xin are not married to lin fen ( yet :3 )

  19. Cliffhanger Kun   β€’  



    • Starface (Xxx)   β€’  

      This update was astonishing!

  20. xWeisman   β€’  

    Guys, i forgot what i was going to type… Hi?

    • Qiong Qi   β€’  

      Hello, wannabe my disciple?
      Answer. Now. or. Never happen.

      • xWeisman   β€’  

        I am just a lowly person, i could never… Old dust XD

  21. xWeisman   β€’  

    PMG staff: Thank you for everything that you have done for us. I have no complaints for not releasing chapters on saturday, you guys work enough as it is and i was thinking that you guys take a break next, next week and enjoy yourselves? As i said before, thank you for everything that you have done for us.

  22. Ken   β€’  

    Thank you, bro… You guys are incredible!

  23. Pahai   β€’  

    I think lin feng was reincarnation of demonic emperor. And qiu ye xin was reincarnation the great empress. Is this make sense?

    • Genos   β€’  

      How about meng qing? Qiu ye xin said that she feels that she know meng qing

    • Xaio chen   β€’  

      Maybe she shares the same memories as duan xin ye or they’re connected in some way?

    • Jae   β€’  

      It’s possible since that’s what his book spirit might be all about

    • MZKM   β€’  

      He’s not the demonic emperor. I know why qiu ye xin looks like the princess and feels she knows Lin Feng, but I don’t know the history behind it.

  24. Gunner15   β€’  

    Thank You, OddManOut and Notsaneinthebrain, for all your work and especially the constant updates! Being a fan of this story as well as others, I want to say a thank you for all your updates and constant communication! Because for me the most frustrating and disappointing thing with reading novels online is the irregular release of chapters not knowing when the next will arrive. Thanks to you two we never have to worry or fell frustrated wondering when the next chapter will arrive! A big thank you from me, I am sure one of the many who loves the story!!!

  25. HungryForSpoilers   β€’  

    What’s the connection between Lin Feng and the Demonic Emperor?
    Spoil me secretly.

  26. Lewis   β€’  

    Will there be any chapters released Sunday/today

    • icecream   β€’  

      It’s out πŸ˜‰

  27. Chop Suey   β€’  

    Keep on refreshing the page then it will magically come

    • icecream   β€’  

      Or someone fell asleep and forgot to post them πŸ˜‰

  28. Lin Fang   β€’  

    I think there should be a timer of when the chapter will be live

  29. M Thasril   β€’  

    it is ok, I give you $40 just to appreciate your work. I really love this novel and keep it up a good work


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