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Hey all,

Just a little update for everyone. I have been away from the site since Liky went on his vacay and I am now back to give a little update. (almost 300 comments to read o.O)


Monday- chapters will begin again.

There will be a new schedule being introduced for the next 4 weeks so we can catch up on everything we missed. Please be patient!



  • Monday – 1 Chapter
  • Tuesday – 1 Chapter
  • Wednesday – 1 Chapter
  • Thursday – 2 Chapters
  • Friday – 2 Chapters
  • Saturday –  2 Chapters
  • Sunday – 2 Chapters


  • Monday – 2 Chapters  1 Chapter
  • Tuesday – 1 Chapter
  • Wednesday – 2 Chapters  1 Chapter
  • Thursday – 1 Chapter  None
  • Friday – 1 Chapter  None
  • Saturday – 1 Chapter  3 chapters
  • Sunday – 1 Chapter  3 chapters

We will try and stick to this schedule for the next few weeks to cover all the missed chapters.


Look forwards to it 🙂 x



  1. Nefilium   •  

    Welcome back! Please do remember that your health is more important than catching up to “lost chapters” as quickly as possible. As long as you keep that in mind, I’ll be eagerly waiting! xDD

    • Glubglub   •  

      Agreed! I really enjoy the translations, but I would much rather you have a less painful bodily experience! I don’t mind putting off the story so you can be in good health! Lol you do what’s best for you of course!

  2. liar   •  


    Thanks for the effort

  3. Valhieru   •  

    Finally!!! Welcome back!

  4. Himitsu   •  

    Finally!! Welcome back i miss u

  5. Pinay   •  

    Can you not focus in one novel at a time? This will burn you out again. Preferably PMG, thank you

    • OrangeSode   •  

      Each novel has a different translator.

  6. devilsadvocate6   •  

    yay, now this is promising…now the wait and faith are gonna pay off
    welcome back notsane

  7. MTL Reader   •  

    Yes! Now I can continue one of my favorite novels

  8. Freeza   •  

    Hope you are doing well and thnx for informing your readers 😀 when ur illness comes back just leave a simple note and rest so that it doesnt flare up.

  9. noob_senpai   •  

    Good to see you are back.
    If the new schedule doesn’t work out in the end, don’t try to force it, take it easy. Maybe a little rest is better for you in the long run – though I hope you will feel great and power through it like you did back in the days, because that was amazing (plus I don’t want anyone to be sick, especially not someone who does so much for us readers as you do, but that is a secret) 😀

  10. Bmoresane   •  

    Thank you for the update, and just don’t work yourself to injury again or a burnout, and the vacation break atleast gave me the opportunity to reread and catch up to the current releases for both series.
    Good health and happy days to the rest of the team.

  11. Ur homie   •  

    Welcome back HOMIE 🙂

  12. Potatoes   •  

    Make sure to take care of your health before other people pleasure 🙈🙉🙈🙉🙈🙉🙈🙉🙈🙉

  13. shrykos   •  

    Hurray! Glad to see you.

  14. crunkymonkey   •  

    i see dth what about PMG?

  15. Nuage   •  

    Wow! Looks delicious~ Thank you so much for your dedication, Liky and Saney 🙂

  16. Ceilrux   •  

    Your health is more important than a few more chapters every week. Thanks for continuing.

  17. Nepoun   •  

    well about the novel i don’t rly care it’s pretty much dead for months n got used to that alrdy any how r you n how is your headaches better now? n welcome back nice to see yo again.

  18. TheOneLonely   •  

    Hey NotSane,
    Really happy ur back into translating! But most of all i’m happy your health is doing better. I’m guessing part of the reason you burned out previous time (I’m not sure though) is because of overworking yourself. This scedule is pretty beast again, so i hope you’ll take it slow and make sure to keep good track of your health, it is far more important than catching up. Thanks for all the work u’ve done so far!

  19. Kenken   •  

    Yay! Finally, ur back. WELCOME BACK! Happy to see ur back. *Bear hug* Thnx for the chap xD

  20. MrGreenix   •  

    Guess its finally time to read this novel again 😉

  21. Danis   •  

    welcome back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cant wait to read PMG and DTH again 😀

  22. Ivan   •  

    Well, I was unlucky, ’cause I started read this then you got health problems, it was really hard to read 400+ chapters and being stopped at the most crucial moment. It pissed me, because I started to lose interest in novel. I wish you better health, don’t overdo things, we can wait a bit more and as you’ve said, it’s easy to catch up with missed chapters, but it’s hard to restore your health.
    P.S. a little fact for you, don’t know if it’ll make you happier or sad instead or you’ll feel nothing, but now the novel is translated in Russian 😀

  23. KingBacon   •  

    Is there going to be like a huge chapter spree since there is 43 sponsored chapters?

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      There will be once I am fully back in action. This schedule is to catch up with missed regular chapters and to ease myself back in, before I go crazy again. 😀

  24. Tomatoes   •  

    Take it one step at a time Sane. You can go back to being crazy again after you get used to it “again”. Just don’t forget; lots of rest, lots of water! Welcome back to home

  25. ambi   •  

    Welcome back notsaneinthebrain! Hope you’re feeling better. Please remember your health is priority number one!

  26. libon   •  

    Yo nigga , thanks for the update 😀

  27. RadMoon   •  

    Just keep going at your pace. I’m honestly just grateful for the chapters we’ve had so far. Anyway, gl.

  28. Kyoko   •  

    Thanks for the update! Welcome you back with open arms ^^ Just so you know if things start getting stressful you can always find someone else to help if you want. Whether its half a page or a few chapters it could definently help your workload ^^ If your worried about different translation style, usually as long as the proofreader exists it would be fine. You don’t have to do this, I’m just worried about your health, I don’t want you to burn out again!

  29. argon   •  

    #IWISHiwasrichSOiCanDOnateButIMpoorSorry 🙁

  30. :)   •  

    I’m really happy that the novel is back on track, but it’s quite annoying that You post a schedule which You don’t plan to stick to. It just builds my expectations and then crushes them at the end of the day, after a full day of refreshing this page every few minutes. I suggest You simply make an easier schedule, which You can keep up with. Best wishes 🙂 p.s. we can all wait for chapters, as long as we know, when they are coming

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author


      No matter what my schedule is, I wont always be able to keep it. Sometimes my editors may not be able to keep it. If you don’t suffer any hardship, how will you ever advance on the martial path.

      I just cant guarantee any chapters on any specific day, but u will get them even if they are late, that’s all I can guarantee. So I would take the schedule as a guideline because better late than never.

      I am doing the best I can, that’s all I can do.

  31. dream   •  

    Cool!!You may consider releasing the chapters unedited and later the editors can edit and update it. Thanks for the hardwork!

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