Website Fixed

Our website was down because of the server we are working with, and is fixed for now. I won’t be surprised if we struggle some more, but if the site is down again, just check our discord page as we’ll post the chapters there! We are moving to a new site soon and we have a much better server running it, so I’m betting that this won’t be an issue once we make that move. I’m not certain when the move will take place, but it should be soon!

Thank you for baring with us!


  1. SaYan   •  

    Np Keep up the Good Work Guys..

  2. Al   •  

    Great job guys ?

  3. Belkar   •  

    Good to know, I’ll look forward to the new site.

  4. n0n2   •  

    Thank you for all your work. It was worth the wait.

  5. Holy Celestial Immortal King   •  

    May I know the Discord Page?

  6. myie87   •  


  7. Lucifer   •  

    Hey. What’s the link for the discord page.

  8. PMGfan   •  

    The discord button doesnt seem to work. Can you tell us what the discord link is?

  9. Jack Cool   •  

    Thank you for that.

  10. The demonic immortal emperor   •  

    Keep up the good work

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