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First, let me say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years. It has been a rocky road over the past 3 years, but it has been the fans, the patrons, cliffhanger-kun, the donation army, the die hard F5 sect and the overall support that has kept this going. When times were hard, it was the fans who stepped up and offered their support in many different ways and it is thanks to everyone that we are about to complete PMG.

Thank you!


I know many of you have been asking the staff on discord; “What next?”, well there are a few things planned for the future including a bunch of updates to the site. We have a number of new translators who have joined the team for their respective novels and heaps of new novels we think everyone will enjoy.



Heavenly Curse


Ever wanted a story which involves elements of both horror and cultivation? A story where cultivators turn dead bodies into a horde of zombies to kill their enemies? A story where cultivators create an army of ghosts by killing people in the most brutal and horrifying manner, just to enslave their souls after death? A very dark story filled with tragedy, curses, ghosts, demons and a little Taoist priest.


This is an extremely popular ongoing novel with over a thousand chapters, where the only bad reviews are people wanting more chapters.


We have just released the first 10 chapters for everyone to read. So please go and take a look, you can start reading it here



Heaven’s Path 


A unique novel about a video gamer who quits his guild, only to start fresh with friends on a newly released game [Heaven’s Path]


We have just started to stockpile chapters for this and will be releasing the first few chapters for everyone in the near future.



Devouring the Heavens 


Wut? wuuut? wuuuuuuut?


There have been a number of questions on whether we will pick this back up. The answer is possibly. The reason this was dropped was due to a lack of fan base and support for the story. It never quite got off the ground which was unfortunate for our translator Pan. Due to this we will be putting some measures in place and if DTH can get the support it needs, we will bring it back.



Hiring more translators! 


We are looking to hire a number of translators for some new novels, so if you are interested, please reach out.






  1. PK   •  

    Will there be DTH? Please bring it back.
    I’ll try my best to cultivate.

    • Johny english   •  

      Honestly, i just started 2 days ago on dth and it is indeed quite good. Hope everyone can try it as well.. kinda interesting story with many funny moments where the MC tricks fellow cultivators

      • Zoro   •  

        I started it because of your comment, and I got hooked, hope it keeps getting translated!!

    • Ron wesloy   •  

      Indeed it is one of the best novel i read so far.. just started reading 2 days ago and liking it already since the MC is full of tricks to scam peps

      • agila0212   •  

        I agree, hope they will bring it back and faster release speed

    • Zansatsu   •  

      DTH is great and you should really pick it back up.
      I think the main reason it never got traction is because you have an awesome release schedule for PMG so everyone was going there. Once everyone is starved after it finishes they will naturally move over to DTH

      • wisnu   •  

        totally agree, i also just read dth last week

  2. Qiong Qi   •  

    First Comment Guys

    Anyway i like the new novel

  3. Jack   •  

    So no chapter releases today than?

  4. jack   •  

    no release today than?

  5. Az27   •  

    Thank you for the announcement and for your efforts with translation. Im waiting for pmg episode 2418, I can’t wait anymore😬

  6. Saint aziz   •  

    Where are the new episodes? 2418

  7. freeloxxx   •  

    Love you so much, guys <3333

  8. Teisen   •  

    “Heavenly Curse” but only if the Author really end it (dam you mad snail).
    i dropped “Devouring the Heavens” even befor you guys dropped it XD
    “Heaven’s Path” look like any other “mmorpg novel”

  9. agila0212   •  

    Cant wait for you guys to complete PMG 😀 Thank you for your hard work.

    I hope you guys concentrate on Devouring the Heavens. It has little fan based before because of the erratic/slow release schedule. If you have to replace PMG, then DTH is the closest to its genre, not the other two you`ve mentioned.

  10. Zeth   •  

    Congratulations in advance!

  11. i like tacos   •  

    Sigh…. it seems like every translator ALIVE hates the novel Law Of The Devil.. It’s already halfway finished just wish the other half would get translated too

  12. mewtwo68d   •  

    I recommend ATG (Against The Gods), it’s an antihero story, but good enough to read

  13. Duan Feng   •  

    That would be great! I also recommend the TALES AND DEMONS AND GODS. That’s an awesome novel to read.

    • iqqy chan   •  

      TDG is a great novel, but mad snail is insane. 1 chapter a month is driving us nuts. So frustrating. Not sure if he might be able to end the novel. Good thing i replace TDG to PMG. Soon PMG will end. Still deciding which novel next for me.

    • ted   •  

      i love TDG but the update’s take 1 month till i forgot that novel and finding a new one, that when i found PMG.

    • Duan Feng   •  

      That is why i would love to recommend on notsane translators to get the TDG and continue it even it goes for 1/week.

      • Iqqy Chan   •  

        The issue is not the translator, it’s the author. Mad snail has not finished his novel yet and release it a chapter a month. Unless Peerless Aladanor is using his Celestial Doa Destiny Technique 🙂 to predict future chapters then I am more excited for him to pick this chapters.

        • Iqqy Chan   •  


        • Duan Feng   •  

          That’s probably the interesting part! Hope alad will really pick this up! 😱
          I’ve been clicking refresh button the whole time waiting for the nov, 9 chapters. 😂

          • Iqqy Chan   •  

            Same goes to me. Been checking it back and forth for an early release 😅 still crossing my fingers. So you will make an appearance for the next chapters? My guess half saint or most probably low level saint Duan Feng cultivation level.

            • Duan Feng   •  

              Lol, for less than a 100 years of cultivating. I am now a peerless saint since I am the reincarnation of the star god saint. 🌟💪😊🤟

              • Iqqy Chan   •  

                Hahahha 🤣 nice one…hope thats not a spoiler 😂

                It seems a late release, for another 2-3 hours.

              • Iqqy Chan   •  

                Is Duan Feng really a Peerless Saint or just a Low/High Level Saint? How fortunate is he being thought directly by Strong Cultivators (Not sure what level maybe God?)

          • Duan Feng   •  

            No idea either 🤔 but based on what the guy on white clothes said that the 8 direct disciples are incredibly strong so they might be all a peerless saints and the master is a god saint.

            • Iqqy Chan   •  

              Yeah we will soon find out. 12-15 hours to go for the next release. Cant wait.

    • Wan Shi Tong   •  

      Tales of Demons and Gods started out pretty damn good. Then just spiraled into aimless mediocrity and rushed pace – even though the author only puts out one chapter a month and therefore shouldn’t be rushing his writing and story events like a novice.

      • Iqqy Chan   •  

        Well said bro. It is very sad on how the author is rushing to end the novel. His master piece is wasted with bad ending. I’ll be start reading it back once it is completed. Do you mind recommend me any novel that worth reading that give you chill and goosebumps? such as PMG. Cheers

        • berserkersap   •  

          I recommend eternal god emperor for action (even though still in its early stages ). It’s about revenge. I really want some speed in its translation though 😓

          • Iqqy Chan   •  

            Thanks for the recommendation 😊. Whats the release pace? The same as TDG? If yes that would be frustrating.

  14. Stealth   •  

    I’d love to see someone pickup Mad God.

  15. Cliffhanger Kun   •  

    Damn only a few chapters remaining till PMG is completed..
    I’m gonna miss Lin Feng and all the other fans who hate my cliffhanger energies.

    But imma stick around and pop up on the other novels.


    • RebelTheEditor   •  


  16. Mirrar   •  

    Will you start translating the sequell of peerless material god? I think most fans (including myself) want to know how the story continues 😉

    • The demonic immortal emperor   •  

      Is there one?

    • Varun Naresh   •  

      Does this mean PMG story line is coming to an end or is it that the translations have reached the raws ? And will there be any continuation ?

      I feel like there will be a void of empty space energy left behind when there are no more pmg chapters to read. The ending dao is killing me.

  17. Demise   •  

    2 chapters today ?

  18. Vesper Carlo   •  

    Can you guys do hwasan age(volcanic age) its a korean though???

  19. Lucifer   •  

    Heavenly curse and dth

  20. No One   •  

    keep up DTH more!!!

  21. Cering   •  

    It’s better if new chapters are uploaded here in this old website because new website has Forbidden Error.


  22. Qin Nan   •  

    wut wut…. 403 forbidden error …. looks like ling feng isnt the only forbidden person anymore 😛

    • Duan Feng   •  

      HAHAHA NICE 😂😂

    • Meatbun-kun   •  

      Yes… But now that I’m a Forbidden person too… It’s not funny anymore!!!

  23. Iqqy Chan   •  

    Be patience my fellow disciples…Our god is testing us. We need to show our determination to attain enlightenment and to be able trenscend worldliness and holiness. 🙂

  24. VSVR   •  

    any news about where and when we will be able to read the chapters

  25. No One   •  

    i want dth please…

    • wisnu   •  

      DTH, i just read it and i think it’s a good novel. I had left comment on pan patreon.

  26. Dut   •  

    F5 sect is doom cant beat forbidden website

  27. Pavan   •  

    Hope that more novels get translated

  28. Stain   •  

    The Endless Road to Divinity pls pls pls pls

  29. Devil_Cry   •  

    Guys Please do Volcanic Age.

  30. FUzzyLJ   •  

    The new site is not working. Chapter 2458 is missing. Please fix, thanks 🙂

  31. LBJ   •  

    Thanks so much totallyinsanetranlation team! Your novels have been what i looked forward to everyday since i began reading! I remember just reading , through 1000+ chapters, non-stop for a week straight to catch up to your latest chapters. It has been a good one year since. Thank you so much for all your efforts, and the late nights and amount of time you must’ve put into this. Please continue to inspire us with your novels!

  32. Ray   •  

    Thanks for everything.

  33. Duan Feng   •  


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